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It's been crazy for me since late last year. Had some family health issues and needed to reevaluate some things. Life has a way of doing that.


I've decided to focus on my dream of entrepreneurship. In the words of C.S. Lewis, "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." Well, the goal isn't new nor is the dream, but the drive is! :-)

Stay tuned...exciting news on the way!!!

Peace and blessings!
What’s more important than deodorant??? I’ve got nothing….. However, with the issues I’ve had in the past regarding breast cancer, I’ve been on a quest to find a natural deodorant that HOLDS!!!

In the blogger's sphere, you always find one person who will be a friend for life. I found that in Ashley Carter aka FabEllis. She always tell me of things happening in our area! Last month, she invited me to attend Shop Local Raleigh's Boutique Blowout Sale at Cobblestone Hall in downtown Raleigh's City Market.

If you live in Durham, NC you know that downtown Durham has come to life! Many small shops are there offering almost anything you want or may need. One of my favorite spots to go is Hairizon Beauty located at 341 W. Main Street, Suite 104!

Where are my sushi lovers??? This one is for you!!! I had the opportunity to attend a sushi-sake class for beginners at Kanki Restaurant in Durham, NC. All I can say is um, um good!

Eating well isn't always about losing weight. While having a proper and nutritious diet could lead to weight loss, but it could also lead to a more younger, youthful you. 

While I didn't have a harsh winter as most did across the country, I am glad to rid myself of the thick sweaters, fleece-lined boots, scarves and hats. Like I change my winter wardrobe to my summer wardrobe, I also change my skin and hair routine in the summertime. Here are some of my must-haves for the summer to keep my skin and hair looking it's best!

Recently I found out that one of my favorite small business owners who sold natural hair care products has closed their doors...I'm sad to announce that Nyenzo in Raleigh, NC has closed their doors. *teary eyed* However, they will continue to sell some products online. BUT this made me go hmmmm….

If you’re apart of the natural hair community, you’ve probably heard of International Natural Hair Meetup Day. If you haven’t, then International Natural Hair Meetup Day (INHMD), the brainchild of Adeea Rogers, is an annual one-day event that gives naturalistas across the world the opportunity to meet in their own communities while networking, sharing and meeting with other women across the world participating in meetups on the same day. This year, INHMD's title sponsor was Koils by Nature. (psst...I personally love the Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner...unbiased comment :-))

This post is EXTREMELY late but I've been recovering from this amazing event!!! My feet still hurt! LOL!



    Decided to go natural after successfully finishing chemo for Stage 3 breast cancer. I didn't always do everything right, but did the best I could do. I have a great support system - family, friends and church members who embraced my decision to go natural. So, I decided to pass along the information I've gathered over the years to encourage anyone that they too can do this!

    What is a ManeAngel???

    A ManeAngel encourages, educates and helps you embrace who you are while hopefully entertaining you along the way. ManeAngels is for EVERYONE...not just those who have "natural" hair.  We don't exclude anyone.  So, for those who are relaxed, laced, etc. you are welcomed too! Remember, you were made in the image of God...fearfully and wonderfully made!  Embrace it and enjoy the journey!


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