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As a working mother of three, I always try to find wholesome and nutritious alternatives to feed my family when I don't have time to cook. Recently, I had the opportunity to taste test a free Annie's Homegrown frozen entree through Influenster.

Today I came across a report on that said cancer will be the number one killer in the US in 16 years!!! I have no words! How is this possible??? Medical science has advanced greatly since the 1970s with treating cancer patients.  What does this mean for you, me and our children???

Last night I went to North Carolina State University’s campus to attend “From Root to Tip – A Discussion on African American Hair” sponsored by Women Empowering Society Together (W.E.S.T.), Campus Curls and Kinks, African Student Union, Zeta Phi Beta and NCSU Women’s Center. I was very interested in hearing what educated young women had to say about natural hair. Well, I was pleasantly surprised!!!

If you're like me, you need some inspiration for a last minute Valentine's Day gift!!! If you are a DIY'er, you can probably do them yourself. Check them out!

Winter this year has been unbelievable! Record setting temps, snow fall, etc… The colder temperatures can and will leave our skin feeling like sand paper and looking like alligator hide if you don’t take care of it properly. What can you do besides slathering on ultra rich lotions and creams??? Your diet is your FIRST defense against dry, itchy, flaky skin!!! But here are some other lifestyle changes that should help make your skin supple and smooth.

As the year began, many of us made resolutions or goals for 2014…lose weight, start a business, have better relationships, etc. I know because I made them too. But I also made “hair goals” for myself…healthier and longer hair. So I decided that in order to have healthier, longer hair there were some things that I wanted and needed to do.

Recently, I attended the Gate City Naturals Lunch n’ Learn: Natural Hair Care meetup in Greensboro, NC whose special guest speaker was none other than Ashley Ellis aka FabEllis or Miss Fab Ellis to others.  It was held at Em Creative Fitness and Wellness.

Tomorrow we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  In school and in our homes, we all learned about what this visionary stood for…peace, justice and equality for very race of people.  Today, I can appreciate the significance of his legacy more than ever.

I’m sitting here at work during my lunch break looking at some of my favorite blogs …reading breaking news, old news and news I wish they would have kept to themselves.

I started “blogging” because I thought I had something to say…something unique…something worthwhile and inspiring to add to the lives connected to me through social media.  BUT I fizzled out…started…stopped…started again…stopped again.  This year, I’m determined to be more consistent in everything that I do.  This year, I’ve decided that things had to change, and that change begins with me.

Before being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, I thought I was pretty healthy.  No major issues up to that point.  I weighed 135 pounds, though in mind I was 125. Yeah, I’m side-eying myself.  But I teetered between a size 4 and a size 6. 



    Decided to go natural after successfully finishing chemo for Stage 3 breast cancer. I didn't always do everything right, but did the best I could do. I have a great support system - family, friends and church members who embraced my decision to go natural. So, I decided to pass along the information I've gathered over the years to encourage anyone that they too can do this!

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    What is a ManeAngel???

    A ManeAngel encourages, educates and helps you embrace who you are while hopefully entertaining you along the way. ManeAngels is for EVERYONE...not just those who have "natural" hair.  We don't exclude anyone.  So, for those who are relaxed, laced, etc. you are welcomed too! Remember, you were made in the image of God...fearfully and wonderfully made!  Embrace it and enjoy the journey!


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