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What does it mean to you when you hear the word organic?  To be honest, whenever I see or hear the word organic, I think EXPENSIVE!  I often wonder if it’s worth my time sand my money to purchase organic foods.  I mean, I survived 40+ years without it *sucks teeth*.  Well, here’s what I’ve learned…

First, let’s understand what it means to be organic, made with organic, etc.

In order that a product is labeled organic, it or its ingredients are organic; then, the final product NEEDS to be certified.  If it’s not certified, it MUST NOT claim being organic. 

100% Organic – ALL ingredients MUST be certified organic; any processing aids MUST be organic; AND product labels MUST state the name of the certifying agent on the information panel.  So, the USDA organic seal MUST on the product.

Organic – at least 95% of the products MUST be certified organic.  Only 5% of non-organic content excluding salt and water may be used AND product labels MUST state the name of the certifying agent on the information panel (USDA organic seal).

“Made With” Organic – At LEAST 70% of the product must be certified organic excluding salt and water; remaining products must be produced without EXCLUDED methods, non-agricultural products must be specially allowed on the National List; AND it MUST NOT have the USDA organic seal.

Specific Organic Ingredients – less than 70% of certified organic content excluding salt and water AND cannot have the USDA organic seal on the packaging.  However, you MAY LIST the CERTIFIED organic ingredients on the panel.
Now that we understand what it means to be or not be organic, is it really healthier for you?  I’ve read a few articles and here’s what I found…

There are few well-controlled studies that are capable of making a valid comparison of organic and conventionally grown foods to assess nutritional value, sensory quality (testing products on humans and recording their responses), and food safety.  This one study I found interesting!  It evaluated the potential health benefits of organic foods by feeding fruit flies either conventionally or organically grown bananas, potatoes, raisins and soy beans.  (SIDE NOTE: Personally, I can’t stand fruit flies!!! I don’t want anything in my house that would make fruit flies/gnats live!!!  Now, back to the study…)  The study concluded that fruit flies raised on an organic produce had a greater fertility and longevity.  In addition, they reported greater activity and greater stress resistance.  Thus, suggesting that organic foods has positive effects on one’s health *shutters at this visual*. 

There you have it!  While, there is a documented nutritional benefit to eating organic, once can’t help but to think that it’s safer to eat.  BUT I still can’t get over the cost!!!  Can someone talk to the grocery stores and tell them we want to live BUT we don’t want to go broker trying to live!!!

Peace and blessings!


12/23/2013 3:31am

The cost is what stops me too! Especially because my husband is a real penny pincher and always checks the receipts haha

12/24/2013 11:59am

Vanessa, I understand! I have 3 children and a husband! It can get expense. Everything I eat isn't organic. But I choose certain things...milk, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, etc. Try to eat organic chicken if possible. Sometimes it's not. :-( Start small and let me know how it goes! :-)

01/18/2014 7:43pm

Great post. I TRY to buy organic can be pricey so I instead buy Kosher. Kosher doesn't have a lot the artificial crap.

01/18/2014 11:49pm

Miko, every little bit helps! :-)


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