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Recently, I attended the Gate City Naturals Lunch n’ Learn: Natural Hair Care meetup in Greensboro, NC whose special guest speaker was none other than Ashley Ellis aka FabEllis or Miss Fab Ellis to others.  It was held at Em Creative Fitness and Wellness.
First, it was soooo COLD, I thought I was back in Chicago!!! The wind on Saturday was unreal!!! Burr!!!

Although I got there EXTREMELY late, it was encouraging to hear Ashley speak about why she decided to go natural and her natural hair journey.  Through her trials and errors, she decided to document her journey to share with others.  She encouraged the women and men to do what they think is best for carefully consider the “natural” process before committing or giving it up.  I think everyone who attended left encouraged and motivated to stay the course. :-)  Check out her website here.

Secondly, if you are looking to join a meetup group in the Triad area, have you considered Gate City Naturals?  They gather together natural hair enthusiast , natural hair care professionals, and those that are curious about or beginning to go natural to build a place of education, support, network, and fellowship in the local natural hair community. They empower the natural hair community and continue to encourage them to redefine the mold of westernized beauty that is constantly promoted in mainstream media.  AND they continue beyond the fade but make it a lifetime journey as God, our Creator, intended our hair to be. Check out their next event!  If you're in the Triangle area, and want to join me at a meetup, sign up here!  We will be holding more meetups in this year at least once a month!  Remember, consistency this year!  :-)

Lastly, if I lived in Greensboro, I definitely would join Em Creative Fitness and Wellness!!!  They have an AFFORDABLE exercise and weight loss program that’s too good to pass up!  The before and after pics of men and women who’d lost weight is unbelievable!  IF you live in Greensboro, please patronize this business! AND I almost forgot to tell you that you can get some ah-mazing smoothies that won’t break the bank!!!  Delicious and nutritious!  You can’t beat it!  I had the Very Berry with an extra scoop of protein...cost...$5.95 for 16 oz!  Seriously!

Do you have a gym or wellness center that’s affordable in your city???


Photo Credit: Em Creative and Wellness. 
Gate City Natural creators and Em Fitness Owner (2nd from left)

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Palettes 2 & 3, Smashbox
Face: Tarte BB Cream and Too Faced
Lips: Buxom and Milani
HOTD: old Bantu knot out pulled up into a loose ponytail

How are the meetups in your area???


02/04/2014 8:40am

It was a pleasure meeting you and I love this write up you did on the meetup!

02/04/2014 10:50am

It was nice to meet you as well Teasha! I look forward to participating in other fabulous meetups with Gate City Naturals!

02/04/2014 1:52pm

Ditto darling!

02/04/2014 5:51pm

Nice seeing you again! Thanks for the lovely write up about Gate City Naturals event!

02/05/2014 9:10am

Thanks Nikee! It was great seeing the "Return of the Curls" crew again! :-)

07/06/2015 4:19am

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09/29/2015 10:42pm

Do you have video with Ashley speech? I can't attend meeting but I have doubts about changing my hair colour and hairstyle at all. My dream was always like to have long hair but it's too thin therefore it's just impossible to get desirable length. So, it's better to make it shorter but I'm not brave enough and need Ashley inspiring speech.


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    Decided to go natural after successfully finishing chemo for Stage 3 breast cancer. I didn't always do everything right, but did the best I could do. I have a great support system - family, friends and church members who embraced my decision to go natural. So, I decided to pass along the information I've gathered over the years to encourage anyone that they too can do this!

    What is a ManeAngel???

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