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As the year began, many of us made resolutions or goals for 2014…lose weight, start a business, have better relationships, etc. I know because I made them too. But I also made “hair goals” for myself…healthier and longer hair. So I decided that in order to have healthier, longer hair there were some things that I wanted and needed to do.
Everyone talks about protective styling, moisturizing, deep conditioning and such for proper hair growth and retention. But how many of us have considered using the different phases of the moon as we take care of our hair??? I’m not an astrologer or an astronomer so all of that Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio and other stuff I don’t consider except to read for ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY!!! So, relax…this isn’t witchcraft…this isn’t that type of post. However, for the purposes of this post, I’ll only be talking about the New Moon and Full Moon phases.

Ever heard of Poor Richard’s Almanack published by Benjamin Franklin??? Well, The Almanack contained the calendar, weather, poems, sayings and astronomical and astrological information that heavily influenced the creation of The Old Farmer’s Almanac. Today, The Old Farmer’s Almanac contains weather forecasts, tide tables, planting charts, astronomical data, recipes, and articles on a number of topics including gardening, sports, astronomy and farming.

As a child, I vaguely remember my mother never cutting my hair on a “full moon”. Before she would trim my hair or my sister’s hair, she always asked my father what “What phase is the moon in?” I never understood it. I just sat there and let her do my hair. But I’ve been reading more and more regarding this.

According to Hair Boutique, in order to promote faster growth you should cut your hair when the moon is just entering a “New Moon” phase. People generally believe that a new start should begin with a New Moon or the “waxing” period when the light is increasing. We all know that most plants growth better in sunlight. If the light increases, then the plant receives more light or energy for more growth. So, the correlation with hair is that if you cut your hair in the phase when the light is increasing, then your body is replenishing or storing up its resources for optimal growth. In addition, it’s said that this is the best phase to start a new hair supplement, healthy diet or scalp routine.

Now, just as the New Moon phase promotes hair growth, the Full Moon phase is synonymously referred to as the “harvest moon” or “old moon”. It is the moon phase in which you should never cut your hair as it “discourages hair growth”. This is time when farmers start to harvest or pluck up their crops…it signifies the end. If you’re trying to promote hair growth, why start at the end??? My mother calls it a wasting moon if you cut your hair during this period.

Here’s a calendar of the moon’s phases for 2014.

So last night, I decided to trim my ends and my daughter’s ends as January 30 was not only a New Moon, but it was a supermoon at that! It’s too much to explain. Just read about the supermoon here! LOL! But I’ll keep you informed about the results.

Do you cut your hair according to the phases of the moon??? Please comment and share!!!

DISCLAIMER: I CANNOT guarantee ANY results! This is for informational purposes only!

Peace and Blessings!


02/01/2014 12:34pm

Wow.. that's interesting.. I hate cutting my hair, but I guess when I decide to cut it... I should ask about the moon.. Interesting stuff.

02/01/2014 7:16pm

Aimee let me know what the moon says! :-)

02/03/2014 3:14pm

Wow! I've never heard of that...thanks for sharing. I guess you learn something new everyday, huh? ;-) Stopping by from the Southern Blog FB thread

02/03/2014 3:50pm

Michell, it's amazing what people did many years ago and the methodology behind it! Thanks for commenting! :-)

02/03/2014 4:09pm

I have never heard of this! How neat! I may have to look into it in the future!

02/03/2014 5:39pm

SouthernMessMoms, we definitely learn something everyday! I'm sure there are plenty of "old ways" that would help us today. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

02/05/2014 2:27pm

I never heard about this and it is really fascinating to read. I mean, I"ve heard of the moon causing a lot of thinks like tidal waves and craziness (LUNAtics) but not hair growth. This also reminds me I need a trim too.

02/05/2014 2:42pm

LOL! LUNAtics for real though!!! Trim away...on a NEW moon though! :-) Thanks for sharing!

02/05/2014 8:22pm

Wow, I've never heard of this, but it is interesting! Thanks for sharing.

02/10/2014 10:47pm

Thanks Melissa. Older people knew what worked. :-)

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04/24/2015 9:23am

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08/22/2015 5:56am

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