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Winter this year has been unbelievable! Record setting temps, snow fall, etc… The colder temperatures can and will leave our skin feeling like sand paper and looking like alligator hide if you don’t take care of it properly. What can you do besides slathering on ultra rich lotions and creams??? Your diet is your FIRST defense against dry, itchy, flaky skin!!! But here are some other lifestyle changes that should help make your skin supple and smooth.

Drinking Plenty of Water
In warmer months, we know to drink plenty of water…H2O…aqua...because of it keeps us hydrated. In the winter months, you should still be drinking your water. It’s the best thing to drink as our skin contains 64% of water. Nothing can replace water, but eating fruits and veggies that have high-water content can help too like apples, oranges, pineapples, celery, cucumbers, and melons.
Eating Foods High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Omega-3 fatty acids are considered ESSENTIAL fatty acids. They are necessary for human health by reducing inflammation throughout the body and can help fortify the skin’s natural oil-retaining barriers. However, the body can’t make Omega-3 fatty acids. You have to get them through your food. Omega-3s can be found in fish, flax seeds and nuts. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids include salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout, sardines, halibut, herring, flax seeds, walnuts, and safflower oil.

Changing Your Wardrobe
There are a number of “itchy” fabrics that are known to cause skin irritation…synthetic fabrics and wool. NOW I’m not saying you MUST go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe. All I’m saying is that you may want to limit your fashion choices as they may be the cause of your dry, itchy skin. Essential oils are lost when these itchy fabrics irritate the skin. The solution??? Wear more clothing that are made of cotton or other natural fibers.

Plug in the Humidifier
In the winter time when the air is colder and drier, skin can’t hold onto as much moisture as it can in warm air. Humidifiers infuse the air with moisture, soothing dried out, itchy, cracked skin. Humidifiers can be your skin’s best friend!!! Below are some humidifiers for dry skin in every price range:
Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier…$139.99

PSA: The ugly thing about humidifiers is that the water chamber MUST be changed everyday in order to prevent an over growth of bacteria and germs. (NOW, I NEVER said beauty would be easy!) There is some work to it!  :-)

If you have a radiator,
just put a shallow pan with water on the top of it. The heat from the radiator heats the pan with the water in it and produces steam...instant humidifier...cost effective...same results!!!

Using Skincare Products for Moisture
You may have noticed that the products you used to moisturize your skin in the spring and summer aren’t working in the winter. That’s because moisturizers used in the spring and summer are probably water-based. Find an oil-based moisturizer, rather than water-based, as the oil will create a protective layer on the skin that will help retain more moisture. But read the ingredients!!! Choose products that contain oils with care because not all oils are appropriate for the face. Instead, look for "non-clogging" oils, like avocado oil, primrose oil, or almond oil. Shea oil or Shea butter can clog facial pores. You can also look for lotions containing "humectants," a class of substances (including glycerine, sorbitol, and alpha-hydroxy acids) that attract moisture to your skin.

What is your moisture routine in the winter??? Please comment and share!

Peace and Blessings!



02/10/2014 10:44am

So true about drinking water . . . I definitely have to get better with that. My go to beauty product, winter or summer, is my Olay skin moisturizer. It has completely transformed my skin.

02/10/2014 10:50am

Thanks for sharing LaVonndra! Oil of Olay products are some I may have to revisit. :-)

02/10/2014 1:00pm

Great information! I definitely need to drink more water, and I had not thought about a dehumidifier as helping dry skin. Thanks for the post!

02/10/2014 1:18pm

Thanks Sue! If you get one, please let me know how it turns out! Thanks for sharing! :-)

02/10/2014 1:19pm

Love these tips!! And yes, water has helped me so much in this area. I shall have to utilize the clothing tip in the future. Thanks!

02/10/2014 2:37pm

Thanks Christy! I really hadn't thought about the clothing before until I was itching like crazy one day. #lessonlearned Thanks for sharing! :-)

02/10/2014 10:48pm

I just realized I don't eat as much fish or nuts as I used to since our son is allergic. I've essentially eliminated them from our diet completely. Gotta find a way to reintroduce them!

02/10/2014 11:00pm

Hi Joyce! Maybe you can incorporate flax seeds or krill/fish oil supplements. There are other foods where you can get Omega-3. Let me know what works best for you! Thanks for sharing! :-)

02/11/2014 12:45pm

Great tips! I've never heard about fabric contributing to dry skin, but it makes sense. Thanks for sharing something so useful and practical for this time of year.

02/11/2014 2:34pm

Thanks Danita! We must be practical! Thanks for sharing! :-)

02/12/2014 2:22pm

We have gas heat and it really makes the air dry, my hair and clothes full of static , and dries my skin.
Thanks for the tips.

02/12/2014 2:35pm

Hi Dawn! Heat will dry out your skin. Glad the tips were useful! :-) Thanks for sharing!

02/12/2014 4:14pm

Great tips! Oh how I miss a humidifier! One of my kids has asthma and allergies and the specialist advised against using it around him. Womp.

02/12/2014 6:44pm

Awww...I guess the humidifier will not work for him. He needs the "dry" air. :-( Hopefully, you can use some of the other tips. :-) Thanks for sharing!

04/16/2014 5:42am

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12/29/2014 1:53pm

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