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As a working mother of three, I always try to find wholesome and nutritious alternatives to feed my family when I don't have time to cook. Recently, I had the opportunity to taste test a free Annie's Homegrown frozen entree through Influenster.
My coupon was for a free frozen entree of any size. Since my family loves Italian, so I chose the lasagna with meat sauce.
I went to Target to redeem my frozen dinner. It normally cost $8.99 but that day it was on sale for $7.99. Here are some of the things that I love about Annie's Homegrown Lasagna:
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Made with "Natural" beef - no hormones, antibiotics added
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Made with organic pasta, cheese, tomatoes and tomato based products

Although it says that the it's for a family (3.5 servings), realistically, my family of 5 would still be hungry if that was all they had to eat. I only got 2-2.5 servings out of the meal. :-(

Per the instructions, I cooked it in the oven at 375-400 degrees for 40 minutes. I really had high hopes for this product. The cheese didn't fully melt, the pasta was a little gummy, and it could have used a little more tomato sauce. However, it did have good taste.
Would I buy with my own money? Yes, I would. But I would probably need to buy 2 or 3 for my family of five.

Have you ever tried any food products from Annie's Homegrown? If so, what are some of your favorites???

Peace and Blessings!


03/27/2014 9:41pm

I have never heard of Annie's Homegrow products. I'm glad your family enjoyed it. I will definitely keep an eye out for Annie's Homegrow next time we go food shopping.

03/27/2014 9:47pm

Thanks Miss Fabulous! Lasagna is an expensive dish to make from scratch. Like that the ingredients are organic. Thanks for sharing!

03/27/2014 9:45pm

I think it's fabulous that you've decided to go natural. Lasagna sounds so good, but no meat for me - I'm a vegatarian.
BTW, my dad is undergoing treatment for stage 4 Lymphoma. He's doing well. Congratulations to you for finishing chemo!

03/27/2014 9:50pm

Michelle, Annie's Homegrown has vegetarian dishes as well. I wish I would have tried the butternut squash dish. :-) AND I hope your Dad continues to do well. :-) Stay prayerful!

03/27/2014 11:32pm

Annie's products always seem to be good for you. I've always been partial to my mom's homemade lasagna but I think this sounds good for one of those lazy nights where I don't want to cook. Especially if they had a veggie lasagna. Yum!

03/28/2014 5:35pm

Homemade lasagna is always best, but for lazy nights this is worth it. Thanks for sharing Kimberly!

03/28/2014 5:50am

This is a new product for me but sounds appetizing.

03/28/2014 5:36pm

Clara I've seen this brand in Whole Foods before. It's definitely worth giving a try. Thanks for sharing!

03/28/2014 11:36am

I love finding nutritious, fast meals for my family too after a day of working the last thing I want to do is come home and cook.

03/28/2014 5:38pm

Amanda, you're right! I never feel like cooking after a long day at work. LOL. But this is great for those "lazy" days.

03/28/2014 1:12pm

Sounds like a delicious option for a day when I really don't have time to cook. And I think we would manage one between my son and I. So a good option for us.

03/28/2014 5:39pm

Joanna, this size is great for a "small" family. You may even have some left over for lunch the next day. :-) Thanks for sharing!

02/24/2016 3:44pm

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