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This post is EXTREMELY late but I've been recovering from this amazing event!!! My feet still hurt! LOL!
It was the hippest trip in Durham, NC!!! The 2nd Annual NuSol Natural Hair and Beauty Expo was a huge success. I had the opportunity of being the volunteer coordinator for this ah-mazing event that featured none other than the Grammy-Award winning singer, Chrisette Michele!!! But I'm getting ahead of myself...

First the event started off with a VIP breakfast with the beautiful Lisa I made my rounds making sure everyone was in place and everyone's needs was being attended to, the presence of the Holy Spirit filled that VIP room. Women were crying, not because of sadness but because of hope. She inspired these women so that their attitude was one of gratitude. It was a blessing!
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: NuSol Natural Hair & Beauty Expo (VIP Swag Bag)
Second, we had so many vendors this year, many coming from out of the state. Our major swag bag contributors included As I Am Naturally, Jessicurl, Anu Essentials, Twist and Loc and many more.

One of the sponsors was the LEGENDARY Anu Prestonia, owner of Khamit Kinks and creator of Anu Essentials out of Brooklyn, NY. She gave seminars on nurturing and enhancing your texture. She knows how to ROCK blue!!!
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Master stylist and author, Karen Wilson out of Richmond, VA gave a seminar on learning to love your hair. All I can say is this lady of FLY and she KNOWS her stuff!!!
Photo Credit: Karen Wilson (middle)
Other seminars included NC's very own blogger/vlogger Ashley Ellis aka FabEllis - Be "FabEllis" on a Budget; author Margaret Brunson - Loving Your Natural Everyday and many more.

Chrisette Michele did a meet and greet before hitting the stage. VIPers got a chance to snap pics with her. She was very inviting and sweet. :-) Then, she got on the stage!!! OMG! She first talked about her natural hair and how she embraced it. She spoke lovely about how her mother used to call her tightly coiled hair "roses". Then she did wait she does best...SANG!!! Her voice was like hearing birds singing outside your window early in the morning...refreshing yet mesmerizing! She's the real deal...what she does with her voice is truly a gift from God!
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny (Chrisette Michele w/NuSol Founders Torrez and Andrea)
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
I was so busy that I couldn't take ANY pics!!! But I had some AWESOME volunteers! They snapped, crackled and popped pics from the event! Thanks to Sonja Matheny for capturing the essence of the event in pictorial form! :-)
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny (left) and Nakeisha Pulley (right)
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny
Photo Credit: Volunteer LaCharo Owens
Photo Credit: Sonja Matheny (me and NuSol attendee)
If you missed it...don't worry...2015 is just around the corner AND it will be GREATER!!! :-)

ALL I can say is that "you can bet your last money, it's all gonna be a stone gas honey! I'm Adie Massey, and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace ans soul!!!"

Who would you like to see perform next year???


04/29/2014 1:52pm

What an awesome event to be able to attend - I'm jealous : )!

04/29/2014 2:01pm

Don't be jealous Amanda! Make plans to come next year! :-)

04/29/2014 4:18pm

It sounds like an amazing sale! When I saw Durham I go excited because I live in Durham, Ontario. :( oops!! Oh well It was fun to read through your excitement!

04/29/2014 6:08pm

Hi Jenn! I should have said Durham, NC! Hahaha! You never know...maybe one day in the future NuSol may come to Durham, Ontario. :-) Thanks for sharing!

04/29/2014 7:21pm

Thank you for sharing!

04/29/2014 7:45pm

Thanks Liz. Hopefully, you got something from it. :-)

04/30/2014 12:03am

Wow!!! Sounds so amazing. I have to admit I am kind of jealous :P What would you say is something that you learned that you could not have learned elsewhere?

04/30/2014 12:12am

Ashley, I always learn something. No event is ever the same. Mostly it's things about myself. LOL. After this event, I can do anything! :-)

05/13/2014 11:27am

This looks like soo much fun. You have a lot of great photos for memories!

05/13/2014 2:33pm

Thanks Michelle! It was a great time!

Sonja Matheny
11/11/2014 10:26am

I'm just seeing this post. Great synopsis of the event and I had an awesome time as a volunteer and with capturing memories. I'm ready for 2015!!!

09/03/2015 6:09am

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11/16/2015 3:25am

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02/18/2016 11:43am

Nice haircuts! I like them all.


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